Earjobs™ DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs (SNR 26)

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Make your very own custom moulded ear plugs with Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs. Don't spend $150+ on lab-made custom moulded ear plugs; with our ingenious kit you can produce your own pair of perfectly fitting ear plugs in just ten minutes. No visit to the audiologist necessary and no weeks long wait for your ear plugs to come back from the lab.

These ear plugs are ideal if you need hearing protection but are tired of the ongoing expense and less than ideal fit of disposable ear plugs. They're also perfect if you've struggled to find a comfortable pair of reusable ear plugs.Earjobs™ DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs are great workplace hearing protection but are also fantastic for shooting, motorcycling, swimming, flying, construction, motor car shows, lawn mowing, concerts, band practice and more. 

Earjobs™ DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs features:
  • Permanent custom fit
  • As comfortable as they come
  • Straightforward instructions
  • Moulds in just ten minutes
  • Hypoallergenic, safe, non-toxic silicone
  • Comes in blue
  • Reusable and washable
  • Comes with storage pouch
  • Screw-in lanyard available

NOTE: Step 2 of our instructions says to knead each half for 45 seconds. We've found 20 seconds to be closer to the ideal time. Any longer and the mixture may harden prematurely. 

Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs are functionally identical to Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs (just $10 cheaper!). The instructions in the below video can also be followed to make Earjobs™ DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs:

Earjobs™ DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs can also be used to make perfect fitting in-ear earphone moulds: