dBud - Volume Adjustable Ear Plugs

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's two stage volume slider enables you set the appropriate attenuation for your environment. In open position noise reduction is about 15 dB and in closed position about 30 dB.

Due to a logarithmic relationship, increasing volume with as little as 6 dB will double the sound pressure exerted on your ears. Your ears however, will perceive a doubling of volume for every 10 dB increase in sound pressure. 

In open position dBud reduces the perceived volume with around 65% and actual sound pressure with as much as 97%. In closed mode the perceived volume reduction is about 87.5% and actual reduction of sound pressure as much as 99.9%.

It's pretty clear that wearing ear plugs make a huge difference to the safety of your ears!


Designed for everyday life, dBud earplugs are the perfect companions for anyone with a need to tone down the volume of your surroundings. Whether you’re a musician, concert goer, DJ, bartender or kindergarten teacher, dBud can help improve quality of life through protecting your ears while giving you a better experience hearing your environment.


The best earplugs are the ones you carry with you, so we made it easy for you to bring dBud wherever you go. Wear them in style around your neck, ready to use wherever you are. Or in your pocket using the sleek carrying case.

When life gets too loud, just plug in and tune out. A simple slide and dBud lets you set the volume of the world around you. Quality of life at your fingertips! 


To achieve clear sound with precise noise filtration our engineers developed a unique solution consisting of three main components - an acoustic mesh, volume slider and eq-core. There are no electronics involved, it's a purely mechanical design. The benefit - no circuit boards that can break down and no batteries to replace. It just works, always.

The human ear is designed to naturally amplify frequencies around 2-4 kHz, i.e. human speech. When using ear plugs in general you fill out the void in your outer ear and remove most of this natural amplification. With most other earplugs you’ll notice this as the surrounding sounds becoming muffled and unclear. 

dBud gives you retained clarity of hearing, with adjustable volume.